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A lost pet is a frightening situation that can end with devastating consequences. Studies have shown more than 10 million pets get lost each year and approximately 90 percent of those found would not have been returned to their owners without some form of permanent lost pet identification.

This is why the team at Brewster Veterinary Hospital consider microchip pet IDs an important responsibility of pet owners and a fundamental way to protect your pet from disappearing. We use the HomeAgain microchip system. By connecting your pet with a microchip, your pet will register with a unique identification number that is filed in a database with your contact information. The contact information can be updated anytime. If your pet is lost, the microchip can be scanned by animal control officers, animal shelters, and at veterinary hospitals in the U.S. as well as in many foreign countries.

This safe, reliable and permanent pet identification takes less than 10 seconds to implant and can save you and your pet days, weeks, or more of worry and uncertainty.

HomeAgain membership offers additional benefits such as proactive pet recovery and free access to ASPCA poison control. HomeAgain also comes with a number of useful services to pet owners such as their national pet recovery database, lost pet specialists, rapid lost pet alerts, lost pet medical insurance, travel assistance for found pets and more.

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Health Certificates

If you and your pet are traveling internationally, you're most likely going to need an International Health Certificate. To know what is required, Brewster Veterinary Hospital recommends contacting the destination country's consulate or embassy. A helpful list can be found at the US Department of State website.

International Health Certificates are issued by USDA-accredited veterinarians only and must be endorsed by the state's USDA Veterinary Services office. The state veterinary services office oversees all export documents for pets departing from the US and ensures that the veterinarian issuing the document is accredited and that the forms have accurate information.

For additional questions concerning requirements for travel, please visit the US Department of Agriculture website for a complete list of travel regulations and alerts.

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In-house Pharmacy

At Brewster Veterinary Hospital, we are able to ensure there is a direct link between the exam room and our pharmacy. This means your pet will receive the right medication, at the right dose, in the right form as quickly as possible. We will also be able to instruct you, the pet owner, on the medication's use and how you may be able to monitor its effectiveness. You can also feel confident all the medications we dispense were obtained from safe, reliable sources and stored under the right conditions.

We maintain a complete inventory of pharmaceuticals, vitamins, shampoos, flea and tick control products and heartworm preventatives to meet the needs of your pet. We also carry a full line of prescription diets. If your pet requires a prescription diet we do not carry, we can easily order it for you.

Ensuring that you have convenient and timely access to competitively priced medications is an important aspect of our veterinary practice.

Refills are easy, too. Simply give us a call or order through our website.

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End of Life Planning

For many pet owners, even slightly considering their pet’s final days can be a difficult train of thought. Our animals are a part of our family. It is this strong bond, born from years of loyal companionship, that makes these thoughts particularly hard to bear.

When the time does come for your pet, the caring staff at Brewster Veterinary Hospital is ready to help you in your decision. We encourage you to talk with our veterinary healthcare team about these issues before they become an urgent matter. Find out about your options, including our crematory and burial services, make some key decisions ahead of time, and ask us to add this information to your pet's record. Taking the time to plan, as challenging as it may be, will lessen the pain and stress for you and your pet.

End-of-life services are provided at our hospital. We have the ability to provide end-of-life services for our clients at their homes. If our Doctors are not available, we can refer you to a local house-call vet in your area. Cremation services are available off-site.

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